New Hampchurian Candidates…

Ok so my titles are getting slightly out of hand.   But with the upcoming elections, the pun only gains symbolism. Sadly I forgot my memory card (sitting in my pc, contently) and was not able to take any shots of the White Birch Open House which I attended the last half hour of due to my wonderful sense of direction and downpours.  I did manage a decent little haul though.

All NH brewed and created.  We have two bottles of Mike’s first official brewery release as White Birch‘s apprentice.  The beer is called Natasha, a Russian Imperial Stout brewed with vanilla and Maple Whiskey soaked oak chips (from an NH distillery, Cabin Fever).  It’s very nice, albeit slightly bitter as fresh as it is.  And just to fuel Mike’s hype train, the two different waxes could mean something, but I won’t allude any further.

Next we have White Birch‘s Saison, which I believe is the second time doing this brew.  The original was very nice and I still have a single bottle.  As soon as the Barrel Aged Saison comes out maybe I’ll do a three way vertical for you guys.

Following that we have 80+35=20, a very bitter Imperial Stout.  A claimed 175ibu’s.  Not sure how this one will go over with me, but it’s another brew Mike worked on during his time at White Birch so it won’t be bad.

And wrapping up we have my first artisanal mead from Moonlight Meadery in Londonderry, NH.  The “Wild” mead is brewed with 20% wild blueberries and this particular bottle (1 of 2 left on the shelf) has been oaked as well.  I could drink straight oak and blueberries so this one shouldn’t disappoint.  I have a feeling I’m going to be getting into these a bit, but we shall see.

I want to thank Bill and Mike, and everyone who helped with the Open House, seemed like a very solid setup.  And the brewery has clearly grown two fold since I’ve last been (merely a couple months back).  I would also like to thank Bert of Bert’s Better Beer’s in Hooksett, NH.  Always a good guy to meet up with and easily one of the best beer stops in all of NH.

Cheers all, have a great night!

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