Friends and Celebrations of Life and Limb…

Not a whole lot of writing tonight.  Life and Limb and GlassA little drained from a surprise party we all had for a good friend of mine.  Decided I’d break out a beer he had really liked fresh, A Life and Limb from Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada.  A very nice collaboration brew.

This beer has not really evolved much in the year, but the sweetness seems to have grown.  The maple flavor from the sap really comes through now.  It’s become a brilliant dessert brew and that’s just how it was treated.  However, I don’t see this beer becoming anything other than overly mapley (it’s getting close already).  I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again, but I just don’t see it happening.  Could become a nice English barleywine like maple brew though…maybe.

Sadly the images for tonight did not quite come out as planned.  No high res for the glass shot as it was not the crispest shot I’ve taken.  However I loved how the candles came out and the head on the brew came out stupendously (although at a resolution where everything else isn’t blurry it’s hard to see the detail in the foam).  Took the second shot to get a nice crisp label shot.  It really is fantastic label art.


Life and Limb

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