The Clementation of the Oak…

Welcome to part two of the tasting last week.  This time the focus falls on Jackie O’s Brewpub out of Athens, OH and their amazing little concoction that is Orange Oak.   Sold early April of 2011 this particular bottle is number 40 of 216.

As you guys well know, I’m not a huge hop fan, but the idea of a hopped up wheat brew seemed like a worthy compromise.  Described as an India Pale Wheat aged in oak barrels with brettanomyces and clementines for 8 months.

I was a bit taken aback by just how much I enjoyed this!  Stunning clarity and a brilliant tangerine color that absolutely glowed.  Looks like orange flavored crystal clear hard candy.  A light white crown of fairly decent size perched on top.

The nose starts with plenty of pine aromas mingled with a distinct orange rind and citrus character.  The brett funk is rather minimal with the hops making the most of the aroma here for me.

The taste is amazingly smooth and juicy.  Incredible mouthfeel and what a punch of citrus!  Leans more towards a rind like flavor with those piney hops.  With the heavy citrus flavors and the bitterness of the hops it’s hard to pick out what’s rind, what’s fruit, and what’s hops.  Just beautifully layered.  Unlike any brew I’ve had prior so huge props there!  Transitions seamlessly into a nice dry brett finish.

I normally don’t like to rate drinkability, but this one goes down all too easy for 8%.  Drinks insanely well.  I don’t just wish I had one more, this is one of those rare brews I would happily take a keg of for personal consumption.

I suppose I should finish with a minor side note.  I am currently working on a hop bursting recipe to try my hand at a sort of Heady Topper double IPA type brew.  8% and 200ibu with first wort hopping and late addition hopping only.  I think I may toss some wheat in and play with some brett claussenii and a tangelo/manderin/clementine mix.  Why the hell not right?

Good things to come!

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