The Acoustics of Barrel Aging…

Let’s preface this proper. I love rich english barleywines. I find most of their American counterparts to lack a soul in comparison. I love rye. I love barrel aging. Fast forward to a few nights back and this little gem was brought out to the tasting table. Flossmoor Station’s Hi-Fi Rye, an 11% barleywine comprised of over 50% rye! If you’ve ever homebrewed with half that much rye, you can understand what a task that actually is. This particular version spent some time napping in bourbon barrels.

A quick pour reveals a deep crimson with little foam action. One should be expecting this given the nature of the brew and the barrel time. I’d love to wax poetic but the appearance on this one was a bit simple.  Although it was quite sophisticated and subtle. Running the gamut of deep reds and burgandies.  It just didn’t jump out at me.

The nose is stunning. Deep dark fruits, figs, toffee, caramel, usual fare for a nice barleywine but the mass of rye really brings this nose together in a nice little spicy package. Easily my favorite part of the brew.

The taste is a little lackluster. Perhaps that’s the wrong word. It’s not detrimentally light in flavor, it makes it oh so easy to drink this 11% abv monster. Loads of spicy rye, slathered in a nice buttery caramel dimension. Thick rich mouthfeel.

One of the better barleywines I’ve had in a while.
Although as of recently, Norrebro and Shaun Hill have spoiled me as I finally got around to a bottle of Little Korkney Neipoort barrel aged barleywine. I’ll have a review of the cognac barrel and base versions soon.

Cheers all!

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