Vi-kingdom for a horse…

We are back!  And I could not be happier.  It’s been too long and I really miss being able to express myself through the blog.  I’m one of those weird kids who goes a little nuts if I can’t be creative.
An extremely long story short, I’m single now, with a new job on the ground floor of a very promising agency.  Startup work is costly on time and thrifty on payment, so it’s been a little longer of a transition than I would have liked, but it’s moving along now and I have high hopes.

Back to beer though…I have been on a slightly insane homebrewing bender lately.  So while my homebrewing will slowly become more and more a part of this blog, the commercial stuff will always have it’s place.

Again, thank you guys for sticking with me through these interesting times.  I promise I’ll do all I can to make this blog sort of a home for all things experimental beer.  Don’t think for a second my homebrew stuff will be anything but :)

Cheers all!

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