Two Pours Divereged in a Mellowed Wood…

Quite the treat tonight.  With roughly four hundred bottles of the re-release at Ølbutikken this past year in Denmark, this is the 2003 vintage Drie Fonteinen Malvasia Rosso.  Otherwise known as Druiven Gueuze.  Also to be noted, it rings in at a hefty 8%abv.  Not everyday you see an 8% gueuze of this caliber.

A gueuze blended with Tuscan Red grapes and to add to the rarity, is one of the few that was brewed entirely by Armand himself at Drie Fonteinen.  For those unsure of the terminology, gueuze is traditionally a blend of one, two, and three year old (oude) lambic.  With some young (jonge) lambic blended in to make a nice spritzy, funky, delicacy.

This one had been sitting for a couple weeks.  After unwrapping the cage however, John felt the need to crack some jokes about explosions (we had opened a hell of a gushing Abbey St. Bon Chien Grand Cru just prior) and in a gunshot second, the cork was at the ceiling and glasses were scrambled for.   Hence the two very different pours we have in the photo.

One crystal clear and of beautiful shine and highlight.  One a bit murkier, with an oddly captivating mimosa type coloring.  Very lively and bubbly.  A light, extremely white foam crown sits atop the apple cider like shades of yellows and coppers.

The nose reveals a very solid brettanomyces funky bitterness.  Followed by a light honeysuckle and tea flavoring.  Very light and airy, loads of brett though.  Could be on the way downhill, I’d advise to drink sooner than later.  Says the kid with a bottle I’ll be holding onto for at least another five years.

The taste is extremely refreshing.  Lively grapes smash into the back of the tongue and throat.  A huge presence of apples and apricots, some tangerine comes into play.  You know that flavor that a peeled red grape has?  I get that.  In abundance.  Adds a nice nostalgia to this brew that makes me really fawn over it.  Excruciatingly nice, very light and rounded with amazing sweet citrus flavors.

Cheers all!

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