Starbucks, take notes…

Three Floyd’s Hell’s Black Intelligencer…Not yet bottled, but after tasting it I can honestly say it would be a travesty if this never sees distribution.  The best coffee brew I have ever had, bar none.

Classified as an oatmeal stout and ringing in at 6% this beer is all too easy to drink a lot of.  This brew is made with Intelligentsia coffee, which I have yet to have on it’s own, but after tasting this beer I must seek it out.

The appearance is a typical heavy stout black with a wonderfully frothy cappuccino like head.  Not a whole lot alludes to the craft that lies within.

The nose is all intense roasty, rich coffee.  Very espresso like, I may be in love.  Some mild chocolate interplays with the roasty goodness.  Fairly straight forward but very nice.

The taste is off the charts.  I cannot talk enough about how amazingly good this is.  It’s not complex, but it’s just wonderful.   It hits the tongue exactly like chilled espresso.   Frothy, roasty, thick bodied.  Perfection for a coffee oatmeal stout.  A crisp chill on the backend cleans up nicely, an epic example.

So this is my plea Three Floyd’s.  Please.  For the sake of showing people what coffee brews can aspire to.  Please bottle Hell’s Black Intelligencer.


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