I am so damn proud of this title haha.  For those of you not getting the blacksploitation reference, see:

What we have tonight is an incredibly rich, decadent, and intriguing Russian Imperial Stout from Nørrebro Bryghus and one seventh brewed by now Hill Farmstead owner Shaun E. Hill.  Here’s the kicker though.  It’s aged in Bordeaux wine barrels which lend the typical vinous and a not so typical smoked meat quality to the mix.  Which it turns out is quite a good thing in a heavy stout.

A little backstory directly from the label:
“…brewed in October 2008 by 7 of the best brewers in Denmark as a pooling of their individual recipes for the beer. After primary fermentation, this fraction of the brew was racked into an American oak barrel from a Bordeaux winery. After 7 (!) months in the barrel, the beer is intensely complex…”

The appearance is dark as is expected for a stout of this caliber.    A small ring of bubbles that have interesting shades of deep violet and crimson over the usual tan foam.  One thing that begs to be noted is the alcohol legs.  Some dancing in the glass and a film will coat it’s entirity.  And at 12% it’s no slouch.

The nose has acres of meaty, smokey, red wine notes.  Figs, caramel, some tannins at play, plenty of oak.  Honestly though, the bordeaux barrels did wonderful things to the nose.  It’s lovurly.

The taste has a kiss of malty sweetness, but an immediate astringency comes into play, lots of oak and tannins at first.  Opening quickly into that beautiful bordeaux influence of oak and smoked meats.  Some bitterness and roast is left on the palate but dies slowly after the finish.  A true treat that I wish I could get more of…please Shaun?


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