Pessimist meet Dissident…

The Dissident 2010 from Deschutes was recently released and snatched up faster than usual.  As always though, it was worth the effort.  Whilst ringing in at 10.5% abv, what you have before you is a supremely drinkable sour brown.   I’ll get more into how well liked this brew is, but first, the tasting notes.

Upon breaking the wax and uncapping, a flip reveals “Bravely Done…” on the underside of the cap.

The appearance in this particular photo is not as pleasurable as it was with a backlight (I’ll have to remember that for the next time).  A vibrant red apple hue with crisp, bright highlights and a small crown of white suds.

While not the most complex aroma I rather like this one.  I could sum it up with just brettanomyces, cherries, and alcohol but that would be no fun and tell you guys next to nothing.  The cherries are reminiscent of Smith Bros cough drops in their distinctly sweet nature.  They are the predominant smell initially, but then opens up to a rather alcoholic back end.  The brett provides a little funk to the mix and the initial brewers yeast providing a nice light airy quality to the whole entire schpeil.  I’m assuming they used a nice belgian yeast to ferment first and then soured.  There’s slight hints of malt sweetness that dart in and out that the cherries play well off of.

The taste is delicious.  Like a more drinkable version of Supplication.  I feel they have nearly the same cherry presence.  Dissident, however, is softer, much less acidic, yet nearly double the alcohol content.  Dissident is much, much more dangerous.  Even the girlfriend came back for several swigs off the glass.  Definitely a winner of a brew and one I’ll happily never pass over.  It’s so delicate, yet potent at the same time.  Wonderful balance, and not one seen in most american 10+% abv brews.



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