Snow, ice, and small batch releases…

Just a quick blurb of an update for now.  Recently the trip to the Alchemist was made to nab some bottles of their double IPA Heady Topper.  Now most of you are aware I’m not much of a hop head.  Let’s face it a brew like this is rather lost on me (although on tap I quite liked it, oddly enough, it’s one of two IPA’s I would drink again).  So in an effort to thank those I trade with most and those that can and will appreciate such a brew, and in the ol’ holiday spirit, I am sending my entire allotment to my two top traders and Bruery trustee.   3 bottle limit, 600 bottled, and yes the canning is still on hiatus.

While the weather was crappy, the release was great. I’ll have a quick supplementary post to this once I get a couple more pictures.  They gave out keychain bottle openers, pins, coasters, and a very nice packaging and wrapping on the bottles.

After we grabbed our bottles we headed over to the Blackback Pub and Flyshop.  I grabbed a half pint or so from the end of Petrus Aged Pale and sampled some Hill Farmstead brews.  Great little place, but I was getting a bit antsy.  I wanted some bottles for myself so we drove out to Lawson’s small release on the way home.  Grabbed a couple bottles of Maple Nipple and Red Spruce Bitter Holiday Ale, and headed back to the house.

A damn decent release, and had I not overslept (when do I not?) I would have brought the camera.

Cheers all! Happy Channukah!

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