All Barrels Create Divinity & Endless Fun…

Greetings (I’ll stop at “G,” running out of title ideas haha), I’ve made a moment to come in and update.  Things have been rather hectic, as is usually the case but the local tasting group (Jen, John, and myself) recently got together for a decent little sampling and some tasty treats.

Soldiers ready…Ninkasi was the only one that made it out alive…

The brews for the night included:

  • Foothill‘s Bourbon Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate (9.75% abv American Double Stout)
  • Moonlight Meadery‘s Oaked Wild (14% abv Wild Blueberry Honeywine)
  • White Birch‘s Barrel Aged Rye Four (11.3% abv Sour Rye or American Wild Ale, see review here)
  • Ninkasi‘s Oatis (7.2% abv Oatmeal Stout, seasonal release)(which also we never got to)
  • and Cascade‘s Bourbonic Plauge (12.1% abv, a blend of porters was aged in Oak Wine and Bourbon barrels, then blended with a porter that had been brewed with vanilla beans and cinnamon. That blend was then aged an additional 14 months on dates.)

Full reviews of all these (save for Ninkasi and the Rye Four) will be up in the coming days.  Huge thanks to John and Jen for hosting.  Jen baked up these little bread/cookie things that were delicious.  We spread some ricotta on them, topped with a mix of raspberry and apricot jam and a couple pieces of a very aged Bleu cheese.  The Bleu was so intense.  It melted right on your tongue but just kept opening up with more and more funky goodness.  It was right at the edge of where I like.  Pushing the envelope.  A very pleasant surprise.  Also, plain popcorn is a very good palate cleanser.

Some Barrel Aged Rye Four paired with Jen’s wonderful eats…

We’ll start things off with some quick notes of the Cuvee de Locals Blend we made with the two parts Rye Four to one part Moonlight Mead.  Apparently I only took notes once I added a touch of Bourbonic to the mix as well.  The aroma is all a mess of alcoholic notes, with a rich buttery-ness from the mead and some light tart notes from the Rye Four.  A little bit of the Dates come through from Bourbonic but it’s pretty much an alcoholic hedge maze to find anything.

The taste was exquisite though!  The wine barrel influence from Bourbonic Plague really comes through nicely.  Pinballing off of every other flavor, the spiciness of the Rye comes into play.  All playing with that wonderful deep richness from the mead, the lighter berry notes are almost gone but slightly noticable on the aftertaste.

Cuvee De Locals…Barrel Aged Rye Four (3 parts) + Oaked Wild Mead (1 part) + Bourbonic (1 part)

Don’t forget to check back in a couple days for reviews of Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate, Oaked Wild Blueberry Mead, and Cascade Bourbonic Plague.

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